Welcome Curly Girls

Welcome Curly Girls

Curly Hair Oh Yeah
Curly Hair Oh Yeah

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Welcome to Mixed Curly Girl Hair Blog. Grab a curly headed friend, sit back and enjoy some of the wild and crazy things we can do to our hair.

This blog is not just for me to display my curls for the world to see, but also for you to display your curls as well.

Interact with us and tell me what you do to make your curls so FREE.

We will also discuss hair products that have worked for my hair. You may even be so lucky as to see me on me on my worst hair days and my best hair days.

Best of all, you will be able to learn to manage your curls on a daily basis.

This blog was created for you to “Embrace your Curls.”

BTW: My hair can be straight and it’s luscious when it’s straight too.

Curly girls have the best of both worlds — straight or curly. We can do just about anything with our hair.

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BTW: Thank you to my wonderful mom, Camilla, who’s been telling me I should create this blog to help people embrace and manage their curls. People always ask my mom what do I do to my keep my hair looking so nice, well here we go with some answers.

If you have question or concern, send it in. Oh yeah, follow me and tell 5 friends about me too.


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