Twisting my Brothers Naturally curly Hair

Twisting my Brothers Naturally curly Hair

My brother was blessed to be born with naturally curly hair; however, many black men struggle with trying to make their hair curly. They also struggle with keeping it curly, as do my brother.

It’s no secret that it’s a task maintaining and keeping curly hair looking curly and not dry. Unfortunately, sometimes, its a losing battle and men will simply settle for shorter military style haircuts.

My brother previously rocked dreds for several years, but he FINALLY got tired of the upkeep that was involved so we took the dreds down. Luckily, he still had a good amount of length left and he could start working with his naturally curly hair.

The problem he is having now is learning how to manager and train his new long hair. When his hair is wet, it looks great, but soon as it dries, it loses is shape and it starts looking dry and wild.

Now he has to figure out how to keep his curly mane looking beautiful without having to resort to a short hair cut agtain.

Watch our video below to see how I put twists in his naturally curly hair to make him look awesome and his hair superb.

What you will need to maintain your hair:

  • Detangling conditioner or make one of your own
  • A good-quality moisturizing shampoo
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Spray bottle
  • Hair gel
  • rat tail comb
  • Wide tooth comb
  • T-shirt or towel
  • Heat Cap (optional)

Products used in this video

What to Buy:

  • A high-quality moisturizing shampoo
  • Detangling conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Spray bottle
  • Hair gel
  • Wide tooth comb/Rat tail comb
  • Hooded hairdryer

What to Do:

  • Wash your hair as you usually do with a moisturizing shampoo and a conditioner.
  • Wrap hair with t-shirt or towel until you get dressed
  • Comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb.
  • Separate your hair into sections and tie off with a rubber band
  • Apply gel to each section–one at a time.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to comb each section from the roots to the ends. Start in the back of your head.
  • Spritz the detangling solution if the hair gets dry in
  • Start twisting each section
  • If you have a hooded hair dryer, you can use it to help your twists stay in tact. Stretch each curl carefully while drying it from the root to the end.

We hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you have any comments, please leave them below.

Bye Lova’s

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