Easy Guide to managing curly biracial hair

Throughout my growing up years, I’ve gotten tons of questions about helping my friends with their curly hair dilemma.

At the time, I didn’t consider myself the “Curly Hair” expert, but now I am just that.

I have been blessed with this type of hair. Originally, it was my moms situation, but now that I’m older I’ve learned to take the lessons that my mom set forth and expound the legacy .

Wendi Motte
Wendi in Miami Baby

I must say, I enjoy rocking the best of both worlds. I’ve decided its time help you all out too.

People have always noticed how my hair radiates in person and on my online photos.

I’ve had white moms, black moms, mixed moms, moms with mixed kids, adoptive parents, and even grand- moms ask me to help them care for their kids hair.

I could see the same despiration I had– in their eyes because they love their kids and want to help them love their hair too.

They want them to feel normal and happy with what God gave them.

The only reason I say normal is because sometimes I thought I wasn’t normal.

I would often wonder why did I have this curly stuff on my head and other people didn’t.

I didn’t believe it was a blessing, but now I do. I have learned to embrace my hair and ALL I can do with it.

I have the best of both worlds. One day I can have curly hair and the next day straight hair.

Currently, I am 19 years old and I’m happy to be an ambassador for ALL mixed or mixedish curly girls across the globe.

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