Product Review- Sassy Lips by LipSynk

Product Review- Sassy Lips by LipSynk

Hey Curly Girls,

Today, I’m coming at you with a product review from “Sassy Lips.” This fabu lipgloss is perfect for everyday or to add a little gloss to your current lip products.

I’m testing out the clear gloss and it is a keeper. I love the way it goes on smooth and not sticky. It’s almost summertime so it’s perfect to wear from a hot sunny day. It has no scent, but that’s o.k because we don’t need to have a lip scent every time we put on gloss.

I would recommend this product so watch my YOUTUBE video to see exactly how this worked for me.

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To purchase your own Sassy Lips products click here.

Until next time. Be safe

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