Wendi Motte | Fashionable on Melrose Ave

Wendi Motte | Fashionable on Melrose Ave

Hey Curly girls ! Today I ventured out from all this quarantine stuff for a couple hours.

Trust me, I was very careful at all times. I wore my mask and I was only around my #1 camera person.

It was so nice to get out and get some fresh air, even if it was for a quick few minutes.

Sorella Boutique On Melrose Ave

Hey Divas did you know there are so many photo opps all across the City?

Eventhough we are ON LOCKDOWN like the rest of the world. It doesn’t mean we can get.

Yes ! Everything from ghetto areas to ritzy areas of town. I’m not being funny either. I’m being serious.

I’ve been in the hood and there are slamming pictures of Nipsey Hussle and I’ve been near downtown L.A near the Staples Center and Koby’s murals are abound.

Unfortunately, someone sprayed a good portion of the wall with graphite

I think graffiti artist are so talented, but its not necessary to destroy other peoples properties or works of art. That’s straight disreslectful.

O.K let me know what you think about the photo ops you’ve found around L.A or your city.


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