How to Slay Baby Hair Edges

How to Slay Baby Hair Edges

Hey Luva’s, Yes sister curly girls – – we love to swoop and lay our baby hair edges don’t we? Yes, we do.

Whether you are Black, Hispanic, Mixed, or otherwise, we ALL love a little baby hair action. It’s super funny how we live in the circle of life. Our parents slayed their baby hairs back in the day and now we are doing the exact same thing, but probably with different or similar hair products.

The Queen Bey is quick to show us that she enjoys a little, “swoop and loop,” action as well.

If you are into the “baby hair” thing then you will enjoy our post.

Let’s SLAY Curly Girls

1. Style your hair
The first step in learning how to get the best out of your baby hair regime is to begin with styling your hair in the style of the day. The style that would accentuate your baby hairs will be the styles with your hair pulled away from your face.

Styles such as:

  • Low or high bun
  • Half up half down
  • Pulled back with a headband

2. Choose your favorite hair
Everybody prefers different types of gel. I have my preference, as you will see in the video below. See my favorite gel by clicking here.

3. The perfect baby hair tools
Due to the fact that baby hairs are so very fine pieces of hair, you should use a brush that will allow you control over your edges. I recommend using a toothbrush and a regular hair brush for the process.

4. Don’t over use the gel
Be sure not to go crazy using the hair gel. Only use just the right amount to cover your edges. If you accidentally use too much, it may take too long to dry. Next, follow the technique in the video to get the best results. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the right swoop.


5. Don’t forget a very important step
Get a silk scarf and wrap your edges until the gel dries. This last step is an important step to finalizing the process. You will be happy you did !

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