Hair Cut by Ulta

Hair Cut by Ulta

Hey Curly Girls,

This month I got a professional hair cut at the local Ulta Store.  I haven’t had a good trim since I worked on the set of  Wen Hair Products for Chaz Dean in Los Angeles.  So, I’m guessing it’s past my time.

Print Job

Chaz Dean Modeling Job

Wish I would have taken a photo of the before and after shots after the stylist styled my hair.  I had big hair,  but it’s cool because no one styles my hair like me. LOL 

The stylist did a really good job on the trim and I asked her to add slight cut off the top on one side of my hair. 

As you can see from the photo (in red), my hair is slightly shorter on the top and then layered back to my natural curly curls.

Ulta Cost of the Signature Hair cut, shampoo and style was only $37

Products used:

The photo with the bulls shirt on is a photo where I styled my hair, but it shows my hair cut.  

It feels so much better to have those ends trimmed and manicured 

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