Flexi Rod Hair Set

Flexi Rod Hair Set

Hi Curly Girls,

Have you ever heard the old cliché “the grass is greener on the other side?” 

Yep, girls with straight hair tend to be quite into the girls with natural curls. 

Some of the compliments I receive are actually from girls with naturally curly hair.  

Most of them use blow dryers and flat irons because they may be completely over the NOT so tamed curl thing.

NOT so tamed curls makes them think the best alternative is to just straighten it.

When I receive compliments about my hair, questions usually follow in regards to  styling tips. 

I’m almost led to believe that they really like their curly hair, but they are just not sure how deal, with it. 

Trust me, I know first hand.    Curly girls should keep an open mind when receiving compliments from non-curly girls because you never know what hair type they were born with and if they have learned how to master the curl.

Learn to Master the Curl (TWEET THIS)

Today we are going to learn how to do a hair in Diane Twist-Flex Rods, Purple, 7/8″set.  

I will show you and explain step by step what I do to get my curls so loose and bouncy. 

I know we already have lots of curls, but sometimes your curls can seem a little unmanageable and you can tame them by using Flexi Rods. 

Twist-Flex Rods helps give you loose and bouncy curls, whether your hair is straight or curly. 

The Twist-Flex Rods should work with all hair types.  If your hair isn’t really curly and it’s straight you can probably try to add some mousse or another agent that will make the curls last a little longer. 

Oh yeah, I just thought about a suggestion — you can spray your hair with a little hair spritzer or hair spray when it’s dry to help the curls stay a little bit longer.

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Products used in this video:

  1. Diane Men’s Styling Brush, 100% Boar Bristles
  2. Diane Twist-Flex Rods, Purple, 7/8″
  3. Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream 4oz (2 Pack)
  4. Softee Protein Styling Gel Super Freeze, 8 Oz
  5. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk 8.5oz


Follow the instructions in the video and you will be amazed at how wonderful and illustrious your curls will be. 

People are surely to ask you what did you do to your hair today.


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